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On the AGOTI continent, in the MOUTIVAO country, in the forest kingdom of BEGAN, the people were contented by the music and dance produced by their own traditional initiative. They lived in an unusual world, yet one that was well ordered, by the joyful harmony of organisation, bathed in and nourished by the intense light and heat of the sun. People in public places formed a moving crowd. Places of interest were overwhelmed by visitors. Music and dance were abundant. But one day the sun would move on, to other, faraway lands.

Then it happened. Suddenly. The sun went out; the clouds started changing to carbon dioxide, making breathing near impossible. In this chaos, five people are running, left and right, looking for something to survive on. Survive WHAT? When they find their drums and begin to beat them, something extraordinary, almost supernatural, happens in the forest. The normality of life is restored, as suddenly as it disappeared. The joy carried by the music of the drums transforms and transcends the people’s suffering. BEGAN has become the Kingdom of Music, thanks to those sounds.

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